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Find out popular casino games worldwide

Casino games are more popular in all countries. There are people who are addicted to play the casino games. Some of the games like slot, poker, Roulette, black jack are played lot in top casinos. For the new players let us see how some of these games are played in casinos so that they will know how to play these games when they sign up and ready to play the same in the online casinos.

Playing Roulette in the casinos

Like many other games, Roulette also starts with the players making bets.

  • In the game, dealer throws the ball in to the wheel
  • Players will be allowed to bet till the dealer says no more bets
  • Once the wheel stop spinning, ball will finish on particular number / color / position. Players will be rewarded based on the bet they placed and odds of the draw.

In the online casino, once every one placed bet, machine will start throwing the ball. Instead of the dealer, AI will take care of the role here.

How to play slot and Bingo game

Once you logged in to casino, select your favorite slot machines from the various slot machines shown in the screen

  • It will show the various symbols , how much it worth along with the balance you have in the account
  • It will also show spin and bet options along with max bet
  • You can choose the symbols accordingly or you can use the max bet to choose all
  • Once you click spin it will start spinning the reels in the screen and stops. Once it finished it will show how much you won and offer chance to play again. You can keep playing as long as you wish but keep a tab on your balance.

Playing Blackjack is pretty easy. All you need to do is get closer to 21 than the dealer and you will be getting the double the amount as bet. But if you get higher than 21 you won’t be getting anything in return.

Playing poker and video poker online

Poker is one popular card game variation which is played in almost in all of the top casinos. It is by far the most popular casino game both in online and offline. It has various variations played all over the world. One of the variations is video poker. Rules for the video poker remain the same as the card version.

  • Lowest winning hand is pair of jacks or pair of queens or kings or aces
  • Winnings are usually compiled as credit and payoff are strictly as per the pay table in the machine
  • As usual player to has to insert the currency and start playing

In the game of baccarat, cards will be dealt by the dealer with card face up two for each player and banker. Whoever have the cards closest to 9 will win.